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Comcraft offers you a wide range of high quality testers.
Breakout Boxes

Our Breakout Boxes offer more features and are easier to use than others. They hold fourstate monitors and can break/redirect all signals lines. They can be battery/interface or external powered. We have Breakout Boxes for: RS232, V35, X21 (V10/11-RS422/423), V36 (RS449), RS530
Our Data Line Monitors are compact and turnkey analyzers. They are very handy for viewing data-flow, BERT tests, field analyses. They are very popular testing Industrial Interfaces (often used together with a RS232/485 converter).  [Note: these products are END OF LIFE]
Data Line Monitors
Quick Tests
Line Monitors show the state of the interface. Normally interface powered, they save the hassle with batteries. They are easy to use and read out.  [Note: these products are END OF LIFE]
Our converters are perfects companions for a RS232 analyzer. In addition "DCE/DTE" simulation they feature monitor mode (the most used mode for test). Our converters connect easy into any test environment and support a RS232 analyzer to test V.35 / X.21 / V.36 / RS530 and RS422/485.  [Note: these products are END OF LIFE]

Our products include the best features and technologies, for convenience and reliability.

Four state monitoring

Compact products

Interface or battery powered

adapters and cables included

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