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Quick Test

Quick Test V35LM  [END OF LIFE]

  • 5 four state V.35 monitors, speeds up to 10Mb
  • 9 four state V.28 monitors, speeds up to 500Kb
  • Threshold level at +/- 300mV, resp. +/- 3V
  • Interface or battery powered
  • Power LED shows strength of interface.
  • All 34 lines wired through the unit
  • Compact and easy to read out
  • User manual, pouch for carrying
A complete V.35 Line-Monitor for speeds up to 10Mb. It shows state of the interface in a glance. It can be interface or battery powered.

The Comtest V35LM saves precious time compared with setting up a protocol analyzer,it takes only one minute to put a V35LM in line and it will show instantly which signals are active, high, low or nor present.

The V35LM tests 14 circuits. It keeps a distinct threshold for data and clock signals up to 10Mb. Put it in the cable and it works instantly, no time lost setting up heavy equipment to find a signal is missing. Interface power is sufficient in nearly all situations. One small 9V/PP3 battery powers the unit over 100 hours.

The Comtest V35LM is the result of our over 15 years experience in the field building interface test equipment.

It tests all signals specified by the standard and wires all 34 lines through the unit. In contrary to other Line Monitors (Breakout Boxes) the LEDs do not dim with increasing speed, it keeps a distinct threshold at 300mV from DC up to 10Mb. The low power requirement enables the interface to power it, battery powering is possible for testing extremely weak interfaces.


An interface powered V35LM comes useful testing the interface-powered mini RS-232/V.35 modems. Communication quality differing between an interface and external powered V35LM can mean your mini modem needs mains powering.

The logical face plate provides complete and easy to read information. It is compact and lightweight. All contact are gold plated to ensure superior electrical contact.

The V35LM is housed in a rigid ABS case and comes with one 9V battery, manual and pouch for transport.

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