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Quick Test

Quick Test RS232LM  [END OF LIFE]

  • Four-state monitoring of all lines
  • 24 green and 24 red high bright LEDs
  • Two DB25/9 mini adapters included
  • DB25 and DB9 described on faceplate
  • Loop-back function to test cables
  • Compact/ rigid design
  • User manual, pouch for carrying
A complete RS-232 Line Monitor testing both DB25 and DB9 serial communication.

This compact tool shows the state of all lines in a glance. It connects to, can convert between, DB25 and DB9 interfaces. The face plate gives a complete description of all signals with their pin numbers and explains the DB25/9 conversion. It is constructed by field service engineers and famous for its convenience in use and reliability.

The Comtest RS232LM offers features not available on other testers of its kind. The DB25/9 pole adapters make it not only to test DB25 and DB9 pole communication but can also convert between them. The logical face plate provides complete and easy to read information.

It is interface powered. The high bright LEDs show signal strength, the load per line is typically 1mA with a 6.6volt signal. The LEDs are mounted behind a structured panel, they do not glance and give distinct light in contrast with the black face plate.


In addition to monitoring line activity it can it can be used as loop-back unit to test ready installed cables using signal ground as return wire.

The COMTEST RS232LM comes in a rigid ABS casing and complete with two DB25/9 adapters, users manual and pouch for transport.

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