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MC 232

  • Interfaces : V10/11/35/36, X21, RS422/423/485/530.
  • DCE/DTE/Monitor mode (monitor mode for RS485 only).
  • T-cables for V35/X21 (V10/11) /V36 (RS449) and RS530.
  • Screw terminal box for RS422/485.
  • 10 Monitor LEDs show interface activity.
  • Operation up to 200 KBPS.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Compact and lightweight.

The MC232 is the ultimate most universal interface test converter available, it can not only monitor ( DTE and DCE simultaneously ), but also simulate DTE/DCE on the most common WAN interfaces. Its straighforward design makes it easy to use. The MC232 comes with T-cables allowing breaking into a circuit without the need of extra cables. Simply toggling a switch does the interface reconfiguration, setting up to the converter is a matter of minutes. The monitor LEDs give an additional control on the state of the interface.

The MC232 is designed specially for the test enigeer. It not only converts many different interfaces but also emulates 3 different modes. T-cables (male/female) ensure a trouble free setup, always guaranteeing a sure "in-line" connection. It runs 4-7 hours on one small 9-volt battey, or extenal mains adapter.


Modern technology made the MC232 compact and easy to carry. The main unit measures 33x90x170 mm and weights 270 grams. The MC232 comes complete with all accessories in a small carrying case. It is smaller than A4 paper size, 50mm thick only and weights 1100 grams.

A panel in the top of the case contains easy to read instructions and gives the pin-out of the different interfaces it is able to test.

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