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Data Line Monitor

DLM 150

The DLM 150 is a compact, full-featured RS232 (optionally RS485) data line monitor.

It is a timesaver when troubleshooting modems, terminals and embedded systems.

Line Speed
75-57.6kbps Asynchronous 75-64kbps Synchronous

Buffer capacity
28K of non volatile RAM for transmitted and received data.

Performance Analysis
Average trip times on any BERT/ block test. Displays trip time, tells numbers of characters, per second that pass through  (throughput).

Odd, Even, None.

Asynchronous, Bisynchronous Sdlc, Isochronous

Historical Data
Saves/displays state of the modem control lines with each byte.
Historical Data
Saves/displays state of the modem control lines with each byte.

RS232, RS485 optional


Physical (handhled)
5x7.5x1 inches, 9ounces
12.7x19.05x2.54 cm, 520g

Deciphers, bit rates, number of bits per character, parity and present data to screen.

Triggers can be set to start, stop the data capture process on user-defined string of up to 80 bytes or modem interface pattern.

Six keys control, over sixty functions.

9Volt battry (40 hours with alkaline) or ext. transformer (supplied).

Bit/Block Transmission test
Any of the following strings
RD/TD buffer FOX All bits
User string FOX2 00, FF
Patterns 511 ASCII set 0-FF

Response Analysis
Averrage times between triggers (up to 4 hours) to measure human, computer and leased line performance.

Display Type
Liquid Crystal (LCD), two lines of 40 characters each.

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