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Breakout Box

Comtest X21H Replaced by Quick Test X21LM

  • High impedance/speed (10Mb) monitors on all signal lines.
  • One unassigned high speed monitor with trap.
  • Signal Strength tests for 0.3, 0.6, 1 and 2 volts.
  • Galvanically separated 1.5 volt DC source.
  • Ground Potential Difference test.
  • Breaks and redirects all 15 lines.
  • Two dual gender ribbon cables.
  • Runs over 120 hours on 2 AA 1.5volt batteries.
  • Self explanatory layout for easiness of use.
A complete high speed V10/11-X21 Breakout Box for speeds up to 10MB offering features like Signal Strength and Ground Potential Difference test.

The Comtest X21H has a 15 pole dual in line switch with DCE/DTE sockets on both sides, making it possible to break and crosshatch all lines by means of the switches and jumper cables. The two dual gender ribbon cables assure 100% connectivity in any type of configuration. All contacts are gold plated to ensure good electrical contact.

The six in-line monitor test signal strength according to the V11 standard (t.e.: 200mV). The Signal Strength circuitry allows to test more realistic level of 0./0.6/1 and 2 Volt. Pulse traps increase the functionality of the extra monitors.

The Ground Potential Difference test is an important feature needed if different grounds (wall outlets) are used. The “in line” GPD tests for voltages over 2 volts, the unassigned monitor/trap allows test of Ground Potential Differences as low as 0.3 volt.


The Comtest X21H runs over 120 hours on two AA 1.5 volt batteries or external adapter. The 1.5 volt source is provided by a separate AAA size battery and galvanically separated.

It is housed in a ABS plastic case. The logical face plate is easy to read and gives all information needed to test the X21 interface.

Size of the main unit: 150 x 105 x 20 mm Weight: 295 grams.

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