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Breakout Box

Comtest V35H  [END OF LIFE]

  • High speed monitors (10Mb) for data and clocking signals
  • Line monitors for nine control (V.28) signals
  • Two additional 10Mb monitors/traps
  • Ground Potential Difference test between DCE/DTE.
  • One 100 ohm V35 and two 3Kohm V28 terminations
  • Four level Signal Strength test for V35 and V28.
  • Runs 20 hours from one single 9 volt battery, or adapter.
  • One AAA battery for galvanically separated 1.5 V DC source
  • detachable male and detachable female V.35 cable
    Logical face plate, easy to use
A complete V.35 Breakout Box for speeds up to 10MB.

The Comtest V35M is a full featured and easy to use V.35 communication tester. It comes with two detachable V35 cables, and does not need additional cables to connect two devices together.

The Comtest V35H offers many features not available on other testers of its kind. Although several times faster than similar products, it uses less battery power. V35 (high speed) and V28 (control signals) are separated on the face plate for easiness of reading.

The Signal Strength circuitry test the voltage level of the V35 data and clock siganals as well as for the V28 control signals. The test levels for V35 are at 0.3/0.6/1 and 2 volt, for V28 at 2/3/4 and 6 volt.Terminations and DC sources are at hand for both V35 and V28, the voltage source for V35 is galvanic separated.

The Ground Potential Difference test circuit is an important feature needed if different grounds (wall outlets) are used. The “in line” GPD tests for differences over 2 volts, the unassigued monitor/trap allows test of Ground Potential Differences as low as 0.3 volt.


The breakout switches together with the sockets on DCE/DTE side allow breaking and crosshatching of all 34 lines by means of the switches and the jumper cables supplied with the unit. The high impedance line monitors do not load the circuit. The pulse trap shows short duration (20nS) changes on the circuit not visible to the naked eye on the monitors.

The Comtest V35H runs over 20 hours on one single 9 volt battery, it can also be powered by a 9 volt -stabilised / 100mA- mains adapter (optionally).

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