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Breakout Box

Comtest 100DLX  [END OF LIFE]

  • 2 monitor/pulse traps, working up to 2.5 Mb
  • Signal Strength test for 0.3/2/3/4/6 Volts
  • Breaks all 25 lines, 50 red-green monitors
  • +/- voltage sources, two 3 Kohm terminators.
  • Cable and Ground Potential Difference test.
  • Current Loop test  for4,10,20 and 60 mA
  • Runs over 120 hours on one 9 volt battery
  • Two dual gender ribbon cables
  • Four DB9/25 adapters
The COMTEST 100DLX tests both DB9 and DB25 interfaces, higher speeds and lower voltages.
It combines the advantages of a line and battery powered RS232 Breakout Box.

The 100DLX is constructed by field service engineers and famous for its convenience in use and reliability. It's designed to test the new RS232 standards, it converts between DB9 and DB25 interfaces, necessary for those working with portable computers.

The Comtest 100DLX comes with features not found on any other RS232 Breakout Box, the monitors in the breakout system are line powered (no batteries needed), the active circuitry offers the possibility to test signals for strength and stores short duration events not visible to the naked eye.

While active circuits in most competitors products only manage speeds up to 150Kb (analog circuitry) the Comtest 100DLX works up to 2.5Mb. It has an effective 5 level Signal Strength test, the pulse traps increase the functionality of the results measured by the unassigned monitors.


The in-line design makes the 100DLX easy to read out. The ultra bright monitors show well even at the lower voltages used in the new RS232 standards. The DB9/25 adapters allow the 100DLX to be used in all possible DB9/25 configurations.

The Ground Potential Difference test is especially important in systems where different grounds (wall outlets) are used, the 100DLX is able to monitor/trap differences as low as 0.3 volt. The Current Loop circuitry allows test of short haul modems (often used in RS232 environment).Two +/- source voltages and two 3 Kohm terminations are provided.

Size of the main unit: 150 x 105 x 20 mm Weight: 295 grams

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