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Breakout Box

Comtest 100C

  • Totally 102 high efficiency LEDs.
  • Breaks and redirects all 25 lines.
  • Four-state monitors on all lines on both DTE/DCE.
  • Two DB9/25 pole adapters plus conversion table.
  • Full cable test function and GPD test.
  • Bi-directional Current Loop test (4,10,20,60 mA).
  • Jumper cable set and 12 inch ribbon cable.
  • Easy operation, lightweight and compact.

Comtest 100C is the result of many years experience in designing and incorporating customer's requests. It offers more features than the many times bigger products from our competitors. To our knowledge the only Breakout Box with integrated DB9/25 adaptation, Current Loop and Ground Potential Difference test.

The 100 Compact uses 102 high bright LED's, the typical load is only 1.2 mA per monitor. It contains a 25 pole dual-in line switch with DTE and DCE interface sockets on both sides of the breakout switch. It can break and crosspatch all 25 lines by means of the switches and the jumper cables supplied with the unit.

The Current Loop circuits is able to test most of the Short Haul Modems used to extend communication distance.The Ground Potential Difference test shows if the Ground the connected devices have the same "earth potential" (the basis for a successful data communication).


The panels provide easy to read instructions. The back panel carries a guide describing all signals with pin number and description. All contacts are gold plated to ensure superior electrical contact.

The LEDs are mounted, isolated from each other, behind the panel. In contrast to the black panel, weak and high speed signals are easier to see on a black background (no "Christmas tree" effect like on the Breakout Box with dazzling LEDs and a white background).

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