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Comcraft is founded in 1984 and headquartered in Strasbourg / France.
We develop, manufacture and market LAN/WAN and Datacom Test Equipment.

Comcraft developed in over 20 years high quality products. The confidence placed in our products is reward for many years listening to customer needs and expectations, improving technology and service. Many of our products have been recognized worldwide.

Products :

LAN/WAN Network Monitor TAPs

-Fiber Optic Taps : for Ethernet up to 10G, ATM, Fiber Channel and more,
-Copper Taps : for 10/100 and 1000Mb Ethernet,
-WAN Taps : for T1/E1, E3/DS3/STM1, RS422 and HSSI.

Datacom Test Equipment

-Breakout Boxes : for RS232, V35, X21, RS530 and V36,
-Quick Test : for RS232, V35, X21, RS530 and V36,
-Data Line Monitor : for RS232-RS422/485,
-Converters : for RS232-RS422/485,

Our products serve the benefit of our customers.
Comcraft's objective is to become your long-term supplier.

COMCRAFT — 17 rue des Frères Lumière, 67201 Eckbolsheim, France — Tel: +33 (0) 3 88 10 18 30